From Yesenia:

"My experience with The Law Offices of Wayne C. Felle goes back years. In 2004 I had a bad car accident that ended with me having two broken ankles. Wayne was by my side throughout the whole experience. He is strongly passionate about, not only his firm but, his clients needs. Fast forward to 2014. I was involved in yet another car accident that required me to have spine surgery. My first thought on the way to the hospital was to contact Wayne as my attorney. Conveniently, I was able to speak with him the same day of the 2014 accident. As soon as the office was notified of the accident, Wayne and his team went right into action. He fought hard and won both cases. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an EXCELLENT lawyer." 

From Yvette:

"Mr. Wayne C. Felle, P.C. has worked for me for over 17 years and has done an excellent job. Due to the length of time which was not his fault, we won so it was worth it. I would recommend his law firm to anyone, if needed. Thank you."

From Stanley:

"Wayne C. Felle is very good and has helped me a lot in the past. His work is excellent."

From Hope:

"Life changing. Amazing. Guaranteed results."